The School of Education at CCNU maintains a faculty team with excellence in teaching and academic achievements, providing a professional environment for talent cultivation and discipline development.

The faculty at our school consists of 58 members, 52 of them hold a doctora1 degree, 47 of them have oversea study experience, 22 of them are professors, and 22 of them are doctora1 supervisors. The well-known scholars at our schoo1 include Wang Daojun, Yang Baokun, Xiao Zongliu, Ren Zhongyin, Guo Wen'an, Fan Xianzuo, Zhou Hongyu, etc. The faculty members have published over 80 journa1 articles yearly. Among the journals there are Educational Research, Curriculum, Textbook, Teaching Method and Internationa1 Journa1 of Educational Development.

We have a wide range of international collaboration, among our regular international partners including Columbia University, University of Maryland, London University, University of Glasgow, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and University of Toronto. We invited 23 scholars from these universities to be our part-time professors.



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