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Use the form on the right to send a quick email. Please do not place orders by email.  For immediate assistance, please call us at 210-468-5533.   

19141 Stone Oak Parkway #303
San Antonio, TX, 78258

210-468-5533 & 210-966-0166

Pinks Popcorn cleverly crafts kernels into tasty morsels of happiness.  The retail kitchen offers a variety of sweet and savory popcorn choices in a variety of sizes and containers.  Popped in small batches with coconut oil to retain freshness and crunch!


Popcorn 101!  Learn the latest news regarding Pinks Popcorn and our San Antonio Texas popcorn community.

99 Days of Summer

lisa Morales

Even though we're 7 days away from it being Officially Summertime, we are already in full vacation mode. This means we have some great promotions that will be popping up each week just for you. Be sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Just a few Happy Hour specials you can expect:

  • $5 off of a $20 purchase
  • 30% off any purchases from 3-7pm
  • FREE snack bag of your choice with a $25 purchase, includes semi- premium and premium
  • FREE petite savory with purchase of $15

Thanks for Poppin in

Business to Business Corporate Program - San Antonio popcorn shop

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We are a small family run popcorn shop, but that doesn't mean we can't pop it out when you are in need of larger orders.  We welcome the invitation when other companies want to utilize our popcorn for our mutual gain.  So, we put together a Business 2 Business Discount Program to give you a little bit of a price break when you are wanting to shmoosh others with delicious popcorn.  

corporate popcorn orders

Popcorn Holiday Gifts - San Antonio TX Popcorn Shop

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We have all kinds of Christmas and Holiday gifts for your popcorn loving family and friends.  Of course, we have a variety of flavors...heat, sweet and savory, to tantalize any picky eater's taste buds.  Check out a few mason jar DIY's we crafted with inspiration from Pinterest.  You can purchase bulk popcorn and make your own, or let us do all the work for you.  : )

Events, Events, Events! - Popcorn Shop San Antonio TX

lisa Morales

Well, it has been sooooo busy this past month with lots of events.  Did you know that we can supply popcorn for all your special occasions.  You name it and popcorn will fit!  We recently had the pleasure of hosting a Pre-Fiesta Medal Sale at our Huebner location, showed off a popcorn station at The 1850 Settlement Open House and filled lots of popcorn bags throughout the month for weddings, showers, corporate events and so on.  Truly thankful!  

A Second Location is in the works! - San Antonio Popcorn Shop

lisa Morales

Thanks to all the popcorn lovers in San Antonio and the surrounding area, Pinks is expanding!  A second location is in the works for 10501 Huebner Rd, Suite #2, SATX 78240.  We'll be right down the road from USAA and the Medical Center, our location is so easily accessible, you'll be able to pop in any time.  See you soon!  (Still lots to do, but hoping for a November 1st Open Date)

Working hard on our Pinks signature washed pallet boards.  

Working hard on our Pinks signature washed pallet boards.  

The difference is the kernel! Popcorn Kernels 101 - San Antonio popcorn store

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Have you ever tried to take your summer time corn on the cob and pop it to make popcorn?  If so, you most likely had many failed attempts.  Believe it or not, there is only one kind of corn that produces Popcorn!  However, there are different strains of this one type of corn and therefore it can yield many varieties.  

  • Butterfly kernels - these are fluffy little pieces of popcorn that you will find in home popping kits, concession stands and movie theaters.  It pops tender and fluffy and is has many "wings."  These irregularities in texture are great for catching seasonings such as salts, powdered cheeses and other toppings.  
butterfly popcorn


  • Mushroom kernels - kinda misleading as they don't taste like mushrooms, lol, but instead have a rounded top like a mushroom and are best used for candies and caramelized popcorn flavors.  They are more dense than the butterfly kernels and hold up well through the caramelizing process. 
mushroom kernel popcorn

Now I know this is probably more information than you need or want to know, but it's kinda interesting when you think that Pinks looks for the best varieties of kernels for your popping pleasure.  We need to know and to continue to learn the most we can ensure we are providing a quality product for you.  We purchase our kernels from US mid-western farms.  Our kernels  are Non-GMO Kernels and popcorn is naturally gluten free.  So, there you go!   Happy eating!

Make the popcorn and they will come - San Antonio popcorn shop

lisa Morales

The most enjoyable part of our days at the pop shop is meeting all our awesome customers.  Popcorn lovers both young and old venture in and we love visiting with them and sharing our popcorn flavors.  

Here are a few pics of our "Pinkies..."

We're settling in...

lisa Morales


Hello!!!!  Our official open date was May 1st and we have hit the ground running!  Still lots of work to do, but we feel we have come so far in such a short time.  I want to thank all of you for your support.  Your encouragement motivates us to always do our best.  Our favorite words that we have heard over and over is, "we're so glad you guys are here."  

We have tried to immerse ourselves in some of your summer fun activities.  We have participated in a number of community events such as the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, Brews & Blooms, Alamo Beer family fun days, the Tobin Center's FarmArt Market, and we're scheduled to appear at the Mays Family YMCA Camp Out Under the Stars and the McNay's Coney Island Family Day.  So, we're hoping to see you there!!

Please follow us on Facebook and Instragram for weekly announcements of events we will be participating in, new flavors reveals and any special promotions.