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19141 Stone Oak Parkway #303
San Antonio, TX, 78258

210-468-5533 & 210-966-0166

Pinks Popcorn cleverly crafts kernels into tasty morsels of happiness.  The retail kitchen offers a variety of sweet and savory popcorn choices in a variety of sizes and containers.  Popped in small batches with coconut oil to retain freshness and crunch!


Popcorn 101!  Learn the latest news regarding Pinks Popcorn and our San Antonio Texas popcorn community.

Business to Business Corporate Program - San Antonio popcorn shop

lisa Morales

We are a small family run popcorn shop, but that doesn't mean we can't pop it out when you are in need of larger orders.  We welcome the invitation when other companies want to utilize our popcorn for our mutual gain.  So, we put together a Business 2 Business Discount Program to give you a little bit of a price break when you are wanting to shmoosh others with delicious popcorn.  

corporate popcorn orders