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Sponsorship Donations / Non-Profit

Pinks loves our community and play an active role in doing what we can to the help the people around us, it just feels good! We’re big supporters of local charities and chapters that support lupus, breast cancer, and a vareity of things. If you are non profit working towards the greater good in our community, please fill out the form below and we will do what we can to meet your specific needs. Please allow 30 days lead time so we may review your requests.


Quick. Easy. Profitable.

People love Pinks Popcorn, let us help you give the people what they want! We offer a variety of fundraising options that are sure to put the profits back into your company or organization. Give us a call and we can identify the best way to maximize your profits and earn up to 50% return straight into your pocket.

Direct Selling

Is your organization participating in a market day?  Festival? Or community function in which you can sell products for profit?  Purchase pre-packaged popcorn in a variety of flavors and sizes at wholesale pricing and sell directly to customers for maximum profit.

Taking Orders

Use our easy Order Sheet to sell popcorn to family, friends and all the popcorn lovers out there. You can earn up to a 50% profit selling our most popular flavors!  Easy ordering process, fast turn around of product, and easy distribution makes this a favorite fundraising choice.

Hold a Fundraiser at Our Store

Host a fundraiser at one of our locations and receive a portion of the overall sales for the day!  We can set this up different ways that will be the most appealing to your audience.